Heat Map Colors Improved

March 16, 2012

Our demo widget on the sidebar of this blog and on the front page at pulsemaps.com tracks all the traffic to our website. Each visit is represented on the widget with the red-yellow-white “heat map” coloring.

At the moment our hit counter is clocking in at close to 190.000 visits, and we started to notice that the heat map wasn’t showing the traffic hot spots as well as it could. In short, the heat map was sort of overexposed. Most areas were shown as white-hot, and it was basically impossible to tell between areas with thousands of visits and areas with only a couple of dozen visits.

Heat map snapshot of our visitors in the US east cost.So we fixed it. Now, the areas with the most traffic are shown white-hot. Areas with some traffic are shown red, and areas with medium traffic are yellow. Note that the limits for “most traffic”, “medium traffic”, and “some traffic” are different for every site. In essence, we find the area with most traffic on your site, and color that area white.  From there on down, areas with moderate traffic get a yellow color and areas with at least some traffic get a red haze.  You can, of course, use other colors if you wish.

This change is being rolled out to widgets and maps in text next few hours.  We hope you like it!