How to Embed the Big Visitor Map on Your Site

March 19, 2012

You don’t want your visitors leaving your site by clicking on the PulseMaps widget. Now they don’t have to.

How it’s done

To embed your visitor map on a blog post or a page, simply enter the following text on a page or post:


That’s a WordPress “shortcode”, and the PulseMaps plugin (version 1.6 or newer) replaces it with the visitor map for your site.  This is what the result looks like:

What it looks like

The map automatically fills the available horizontal space, so the size of the map depends on your theme.  It’s possible to set a custom width for the map with something like this:

[pulsemaps width="500"]

What better way to discuss your website’s audience than a blog post or page built around this map?

P.S. If you use this shortcode, it would be nice if you include a link to somewhere on that page.  Thanks :)