Real-time dots and visit count

August 11, 2011

Starting right now, all map widgets have two new features enabled.

The first feature is real-time dots. The 20 most recent visits are show on top of the “heat” as tiny dots, with a subtle animation effect to make it look alive. It’s a great way to get a feel of what’s going on right now.

A couple of words on update frequency might be appropriate here. Maps with low traffic have their heat coloring updated immediately for every page view. Maps with moderate traffic are updated every few minutes, and maps with heavy traffic are updated every 30 minutes. This may change in the future, but that’s how it works at the time of writing this. The flashing dots are updated at least once per minute, no matter how much traffic there is.

The second feature is the visit count number and date. For free maps, the date is at most 30 days in the past. If the map is new, or if the map gets a lot of traffic, the date may be more recent than 30 days. For longer history, please upgrade to the VIP plan (wink, wink ;)).

To enable these features on your existing maps you don’t actually need to do anything. We figured most users would welcome these additions, so we made a bold decision to turn them on by default. If you wish to remove the dots or visit count, upgrade to version 1.4 (or greater) of the plugin and check out the PulseMaps settings page.

That’s it for now, we hope you like the new features!