Visitor Map Widget For Any Website

September 3, 2011

Our WordPress plugin has been quite popular, and we couldn’t be happier about it! The plugin seamlessly integrates with WordPress, and makes it really easy to use the widget on sites built with WordPress.  However, we’ve been getting an increasing number of questions about the possibility to use the widget on other blogs and websites.

Now you can. Our visitor map widget can now be used on any website!

Head on over to the free widget builder to create a widget and include it on any web page.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to add some new features:

  • You can choose the color for recent hit dots (they used to be just plain white always).
  • You can choose the activity colors, a.k.a. the “heat map” colors (the default is red, yellow, and white).
  • Optional borders.
It might be a bit overwhelming to choose all settings yourself, so we’ve made a bunch of predesigned widgets. Use them as-is or tweak them a bit to perfectly match your website:
Predesigned visitor map widgets
Final note: these new features aren’t available on the WordPress plugin yet.  We’ll publish a new version of the plugin shortly.