Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between visits and page views?

For example, if a person visits your site and views three pages within 10 minutes, that counts as 1 visit and 3 page views. If they return after a pause of 30 minutes or more, that counts as a second visit.

PulseMaps primarily counts visits instead of page views or "hits" because we believe visits are a more accurate and useful measure of the number of actual users or potential clients interacting with your site.

Why is the PulseMaps visitor count different compared to some other counters?

The numbers reported by various hit counters and website analytics packages vary, sometimes wildly, depending on the methods used to count visitors.

Analytics tools based on analyzing web server logs (such as AWStats or Webalizer) often give much higher hit count numbers. This is because they may count fetching individual resources (images, style sheets, scripts) related to a single page as separate page views. They also often fail to exclude web crawlers and other robots from the counters.

PulseMaps uses a method similar to Google Analytics, based on executing JavaScript code in the user's browser. This ensures that each page view in counted only once, and only pages viewed on a real browser are counted.

Why doesn't PulseMaps provide more analytics features?

PulseMaps helps you engage your readers in an emotionally impactful way. Our interactive and real-time maps encourage visitors to spend more time on your site, make your visitors smile, and more likely to come back.

If you're looking for hardcore website analytics software, to track , slice, and dice your visitor data in any way imaginable, we encourage you to look at some of these excellent tools:

Can I use PulseMaps on my site?

Unfortunately not; does not allow installing plugins. Similarly, doesn't allow you to embed our plain JavaScript widget, either.

If you really want PulseMaps on your blog, please let the team know about it and fill this contact form now!

Can I use PulseMaps on a Flash site?

Yes. For example, we have users who have embedded the PulseMaps widget on Flash websites built with Wix. Most other tools designed for authoring websites allow adding HTML widgets as well; the details on how to do this depend on which tools you're using.

Why is my visit count getting smaller?

Free accounts are limited to 30 days of history. For the first 30 days, your visitor count increases. After that, the count will go up or down depending on whether your traffic in the past 30 days is growing or shrinking.

If you want full history, upgrade your account: go to the PulseMaps settings page on your WordPress site, and click the "Upgrade" button. It only takes a couple of minutes, there's a 10-day free trial, and you can cancel at any time.

How can I delete my map?

To manage your sites, sign in to your dashboard. From there, you can delete an existing site from PulseMaps, as well as change other settings for your sites and manage your PulseMaps account settings.

Can I remove comments from my map details page?

The easiest way to do this is to change your map details page private on your dashboard. Note that map detail pages are always public for free accounts.

If you want to keep a public map details page, we can close the comments section on your page. Just and we'll do that for you.