Map your visitors for free.

See where your visitors are from in real-time.

Simply add the widget and start seeing when and where your friends or clients visit your blog or website, and show off your worldwide audience.

“PulseMaps provides the very best visitor map I have ever seen or used.”
–David, Alaska
“There is nothing else like your service! Beautiful design and function. Thank you!”
–Cory, Kansas City
“Fabulous piece of work.”
–David, New York

Know your audience

Find out which countries and cities are your visitors from, and target your content accordingly.

Impress your visitors

The map widget is handy proof of your global reach. Don't leave your visitors wondering whether your site is credible–show them proof of your worldwide community.

Match your theme

Unlike most widgets, ours can be scaled to any size. You can match the colors to perfectly fit your site's beautiful design. With or without a visit counter. Real-time dots or not. Your choice.

WordPress plugin

Simply download the PulseMaps plugin from your WordPress admin panel, and go from there. Learn more here.

Embed on any web page

Embedding the widget on your pages is super easy. All you need to do is paste a small HTML snippet on your page where you want the visitor map to appear.

Customize your map on your own skin